Know Game Issues

Manticore doesn’t respawn
Team is investigating

Arachne using Drain Life on a god that is leaping will not trigger their cooldown
Team is investigating

God Coin flipping again when locking in at god select
Team is investigating

Sun Wukong – Red Demon skin: If you don’t own Shaolin Monkey skin it’ll appear that you could buy the Red Demon skin.
Team is investigating

Joust: No all chat and warning about getting deserter when exiting match 
All chat will be added in the future. Deserter status doesn’t apply to Joust mode.

Previous Issues

Inhand attacks/store actives not working
Team is investigating

High ping and lag
Team is investigating

Instance disconnecting all players from match (especially Ranked) 
Team has addressed

Getting caught in walls on the map and ascending to the sky. 
Team is investigating

Loading into match with no god, abilities, etc.
It’s also possible for this to happen during the match, but it’s very rare.
Temp solution – Restart Smite (client)

Stuck at match loading screen
Team is looking into this issue.

Cannot pick a god at god selection, sent back to main lobby w/ deserter status
Has been addressed, however seems to still be occurring.

DESERTER STATUS – When finishing a match 
Team is investigating

He Bo Waving through deployables
Team is working on a fix

Bastet’s leap being cancelled after being frozen by Ymir
Team is investigating

Bastet turning invisible to herself
Team is investigating

Starting a match without all 10 players
Team is investigating

Sound FX sometimes do not play
Team is investigating

Phoenix getting knocked off of pedestal
Team is investigating

Respawn timer reset when viewing scoreboard
Team is investigating

General exploits with leaps
Team has made a 1st pass on addressing issue.

Mouse cursor disappearing (all scenarios)
Team has addressed the issue. Please report if still an issue.
If still bugged, try the following:
Temp solution – Press F11 key twice to cycle window bringing back cursor.

Key binding errors
-Old keys show on HUD when on cooldown, then go back current. In most cases both old and new keys will be valid.
-Reassigning ‘Free Mouse’ doesn’t work until restarting client

Invisible gods
Players appearing invisible to them, but not to others. Affected player will still see from the invisible gods ground decal and all their FX.
Still happens, however less frequent and you can at least see their status bar hovering over their heads (HP/Mana)

Boolean errors when trying to launch Smite.
Solution: Please uninstall and re-install Smite. We had to rollback an exe change. Sorry the trouble.

Friends showing “In Lobby” when they’re in queue. 
If you’re friend was in queue before you started the Smite client, this bug will occur.

Parties not in queue together
One of the causes is when the party leader sends out pending invites then joins queue before the other players accept party invite.

Random crashing
This one is tricky as the reports we get from players vary, however we are very much looking into these issues.


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