Closed Beta FAQ

What is SMITE?
SMITE is an online battleground between mythical gods. Smite is similar to a traditional Dota gameplay with a few changes including a third person perspective and WASD movement. Players choose from a selection of gods, join session based 5 versus 5 arena combat, and use custom powers and team tactics against other players and minions.

What is pricing for SMITE?
SMITE will be a free-to-play game upon release.

Free players will gain access to five playable gods – Ra, Kali, Ymir, Sun WuKong, and Artemis. Additional gods can be unlocked with gametime or more quickly through microtransactions.

When did the SMITE Beta begin?
May 31st, 2012

How do I join the SMITE Beta?
SMITE is currently in Closed Beta. You must have a Beta Key to join.

There are four ways to gain entry:

Register for a Beta key at and you may be selected OR
Receive a Beta key from a friend OR
Pre-order SMITE Gems in any amount and you will instantly receive beta access (no key required).
Send a message with your email on

What will the cost of gods be upon release?

We have not finalized the god pricing. We would expect them to be in the range of $2-$4 each upon release. Gods will also be unlockable with game time.

I have a SMITE Beta Key. How do I redeem it?
Simply download the game from the Smite Website. When you launch the game, click “ENTER BETA KEY” on the game’s login screen and follow the prompts. You will need to login using your Hi-Rez Studios Master Account (which is the same for SMITE, Global Agenda and Tribes. You can create a new master account from this screen if you do not have one).

Once Closed Beta begins, will the servers be up all the time?
The servers will be up most of the time, but may be subject to long maintenance windows as we patch the game, or have other items come up that require downtime. There may also be times when we take the servers down for a few days while specific work is completed (although we do not yet have any such time scheduled).

If I am a current SMITE Alpha tester will I be admitted into SMITE Beta?

Beyond Alpha testers, how many Beta applicants will you admit?
We have received many Beta applications and will start by admitting a small number of those, because we are guaranteeing access to those who have Pre-Ordered. Over time we will continue to expand the size of our testing group.

Will character progression and unlocks be maintained during Beta?
Yes. Progression of your character and unlocks will be maintained starting with Closed Beta and carry forward into Open Beta and Release.

You should expect balance changes and adjustments to god powers and item specifics, but your overall progression will be maintained.

What are SMITE Gems?
Gems are the in-game currency that you can purchase from outside the game and use for microtransactions. Gems are used to instantly unlock new playable gods as well as cosmetic skins in the future. Gems can be purchased at

When will SMITE launch?
Full release is expected within 8 months but no further specific date has been announced. We are planning to work closely with the Beta community to ensure the game is fun, balanced and polished prior to general release.

In general, Hi-Rez Studios believes in an iterative development and release process in which we allow our users to play our games early, provide feedback and help us make a better game.

By running an extended beta period and gradually adding new features and content, we hope to provide the best game we can at launch.

What platforms is SMITE for?
The current Beta is a digital downloadable game for the Windows PC.

What are the minimum system requirements to play SMITE?
We are in Beta and still optimizing performance so the system requirements have not yet been finalized. However, this article contains the minimum and recommended system requirements based on the current build.

What features are included in the Closed Beta?
Many features on our game development roadmap are not in the current Beta build.

Also, one purpose of the Beta is to gather player stats and metrics related to god balance, item strength and character progression. Based on this, players should expect that god powers, item powers, NPC strength, gamerules and features will change during Beta.

The following features, although not necessarily at their final level of final polish, are included:

Action Combat – Assume direct control of your god and experience the MOBA genre up close with the game camera directly behind your character. Choose from a long list of well known and more obscure gods, each god with their own history, 4 special abilities, and unique playstyle. Maneuver your character with WASD and aim your skill-shot attacks (melee, range, and ground-target) using the mouse.

5v5 PvP – Five players battle five opposing players on a fire-themed battleground with mythical setting. The end objective is a Boss Minotaur, protected by three flaming Phoenixes. Within the jungle, there are NPC camps as well as the legendary Fire Giant.

Practice Mode – Test out god abilities in a single-lane match against NPC opponent.

Team Text Chat – Coordinate with team-mates via text chat, and built in voice macro system for commonly used directives.

Current List of Gods

Greek: Zeus, Hades, Arachne, Artemis

Norse: Odin, Ymir, Hel, Thor

Chinese: Sun WuKong, He Bo, Ao Kuang

Eyptian: Anubis, Ra, Bastet, Sobek, Anhur

Hindu: Kali, Vamana, Agni, Bakasura

Roman: Cupid

Some features NOT included in current Beta but planned for future:

Spectator Mode
Profiles – Ability to view and browse your match history and detailed player stats


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