New Skin for Ratatoskr – Ragnatoskr


SmiteWorld relaunch!

Hello, fellow gamers.

As of today, I’ll try to start posting here again, and I expect to keep it going as far as I can, upgrading the website in every aspect.

I apologise for my inactivity, I’ll compensate it with more and more content!

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How to counter list

GENERAL: You want to counter a God if: It is fed and a huge bother to your success or you need to survive the game in other to be useful for your team (Ex: Ra, Hel, Chang’e…)

To counter, you need to be aware of what you are facing. If you are going against two physical carries, a physical jungler, a tank and a mage, you will need more physical defense than magic defense. Also, be aware that everything in this game is a SKILLSHOT, so MOVE. Keep walking, going side to side, never be fully stopped, otherwise you will probably get sniped. Build against them. If you see a Guan, Chang’e, Ra, Herc, Aphro… Build Divine Ruin or Brawler’s Beatstick. Always build penetration items (At least one). And, of course, practice. Practicing how to land your shots, how to dodge, how to build and manage your gold can help a lot. Also, never try going 1v1 to a Tank. Even if you are really powerful, fed or anything, a good tank will require some good amount of damage to be killed. And if you solo, it means you are going out of mana or will just lose your time. Tanks are there to defend their squishy friends, so kill the squishies first then go 3v1 to a tank.


Agni: The best thing to do is aegis and “juking” (Moving around to dodge abilities). Keep in mind that his ult can be popped up to three times, so never stop moving and pay attention to his stun. Other than that, he’s squishy and can be burst down easily (Note: He has a escape, so baiting it out is good too)

Anhur: Aegis (To counter his ult) and playing safe. Be aware that Anhur’s ult can bypass walls and hits hard early game (Hence why Aegis). Don’t run towards him and pay attention if he summons a pillar. His pillar stun combo is devastating, so it’s a good idea to stay BEHIND his pillar. His AA can’t pass the pillar. Have in mind that he has a initiate toll and a escape.

Anubis: Beads. Anubis can’t do anything with stunning, so juke his stun and you will be fine. If he does hit his stun, use beads ASAP. Anubis falls in teamfights (Due to his root), so if you have a jump, jump behind him and kill him (He’s very squishy). If you have long range abilities, try to harass him while he is rooted. To minimize the damage on his ult, juke side to side. It minimizes the damage, making some ticks miss. Never run in a straight line away from it, you will get the same damage as if you stayed close to him. Continue reading

Erez leakage – Magic AA’s, Golden Skins, Tyr and more

So far in the Smitepro Chat, Erez has confirmed:

  • Tyr coming this week (pretty expected). Will be Physical Melee with 2 stances, supposedly similar to Hel
  • A New UI, mostly visual
  • “The lobby UI is changing first, the in-match will be changed later”
  • ALL Magic gods have magical basic attacks/inhands (including Tanks)
  • 2-3 new Gold Skins. “One for a spider” “1 for someone small” and “2 ranged ads”, so with this smokes Sherlock Pipeone can deduce Arachne, Cupid, and then some Ranged AD without a Gold yet
  • Freya and Ymir passvies changed to Magic to go with Basic Attack change
  • Magi Blessing is “Changing”
  • Erez says the Guan changes are not for a few more weeks. Will feature a change to him being Physical, as well as him riding a horse (Not sure if constant or only during Ult). Continue reading

Patch Notes July 31 – Balance changes


  • Fixed an issue that prevented non-GMs from pausing a Custom Match.

  • Fixed a client-side memory leak in the process that pre-caches match objects prior to a match start.

  • Joust Challenge follows 3v3 game rules for respawn time (previously followed Joust 1v1 rules, which have shorter respawn times).

  • The free god rotation has been changed to Agni, Anubis, Bacchus, Cupid, Hercules.


  • Anhur

  • Desert Fury

    • The base damage per spear of his ultimate has been changed from 75/95/115/135/155 to 60/85/110/135/160.

  • Disperse

    • The physical power contribution has been increased from 50% to 60%. Continue reading